Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to buy my own domain name?

We always recommend people purchase and own their own domain name through a Registrar. Someone like 123-Reg, GoDaddy or 1&1 Domains. 

By keeping your domain name directly with a Registrar, then should you wish to move away from a platform, whether CreoPressto or someone else, then you have full control to do so. 

If all this confuses you a little, don’t worry, we can help you through the process, it only takes a couple of minutes to do and it is really straight forward with a bit of hep. 

Why are the subscription packages limited by bandwidth and local storage?

All websites including your CreoPressto website sit on a Web Server. This is a physical piece of computer hardware, just like the computer you are using now. As with all technologies, they have physical limitations, just like how different types of vehicles can hold different amounts of people. A taxi can hold 5 people, a minibus up to 16 people and a coach up to 52 people. A taxi is much cheaper to purchase than a coach so we divide everything up so your CreoPressto website is essentially a seat in one of these vehicles. 

To make sure we don’t have too many people booked onto our hardware, we segment this based on bandwidth and local storage. This makes sure that everyone on the coach has a seat and no-one is left disappointed by having to stand in the isle on a 12 hour journey. 

Things are a little more technical under the hood, but that should help explain the concept of why the different pricing packages are outlined as such. 

Why do you not include email addresses by default?

Email addresses that are powered through technologies bundled with your website are no good and do not work effectively when you are sending and recieving emails from multiple devices such as your mobile phone, tablet, laptop and computer. You will find that some sent emails may only be accessible on certain devices and not others, which is very annoying. 

Most website and email people don’t really tell you about this, they just want to tell you about their free emails tht they have. Honestly, they aren’t very good are the emails, so we don’t use them. 

Instead, we recommend that people either use their standard Hotmail or Gmail type accounts you use these already. Or if you are looking for an email address branded to your domain name, such as, or in your case, then we recommend using the Microsoft Exchange technology. 

Don’t worry about the technical aspects behind this, we handle all of this for you too. Simply purchase the number of email addresses you would like to use for support then we will do all of the technical bits for you to get you up and running.