What you may notice happening is that when you publish a blog post such as https://www.creopressto.com/blog/show-full-length-blog-post-not-excerpt-divi-theme-wordpress/, the actual title of the blog post is ‘How to Show Full Length Blog Post Not Excerpt with Divi Theme on WordPress’ which you’ll notice that there are words missing from the URL which may make some of the content difficult for people to understand what the page is about when you are sharing this online. As such, you may want to include all of the words in the URL rather than just a few of them.

The reason why this is happening is likely due to a plugin being installed such as Yoast SEO which has options automatically configured which will remove what are called ‘Stop Words’. Some people like to use this, others don’t. So if you want to turn this feature off so that the Page or Post URL is generated automatically based on the full title of the content you are publishing, then this is possible within the settings.

To turn this off, navigate to the Yoast SEO settings at, SEO > Advanced > Permalinks then set ‘Stop Words in Slug’ to ‘Keep’ so that they remain. Or set to ‘Remove’ if you do not want them to be there. Simple.