Self-Hosted WordPress as a Service

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Build your own website in no time

Building websites shouldn’t be difficult, nor should your website restrict what you can and cannot do. Traditionally website builder technologies have been restrictive and extremely limiting so if you want to create anything more than a basic website, then you would need a custom website creating by a technical wizard and branding guru. No longer is this the case.

CreoPressto has been designed for anyone to use to create a professional high quality website in no time at all without needing to understand anything technical in the background. The simple drag and drop visual page builder has been designed to be extremely easy to use while giving you the full flexibility that you need to customise your website to exactly what you want.

What is CreoPressto?

So what exactly is CreoPressto and how is it different than the other website platforms you’ve been looking at? Well, quite simply it is awesome. We’ve brought together a selection of leading technologies in the background from the WordPress ecosystem and bundled everything together into a single platform that means you can be up and running with your website in no time at all.

Forget all of the traditional technical and costly headaches when setting up a website and just start working on creating the look and feel that you like without getting bogged down in in trying to understand all of the technical gubbins in the background. We’ve done all that for you.

We manage the entire technical aspects in the background so you don’t have to. From server management, web server security, web server updates, WordPress Core updates, Theme selections and updates, Plugin updates and more all taken care of for you so you can focus on running your website. If you can dream it up, its possible to make your website look like this with CreoPressto.


Unrestricted Technology

Unlike other page builder website technologies, with CreoPressto you are not limited based on what you can and cannot do. Simply use your website and bolt on the features and functionality as and when you like by using  choosing from an ever growing list of free Plugins from the famous WordPress ecosystem, over 35,000 of them. We believe that it is important that you can do what you need to do on your own website. Never again be restricted by what technology you can and cannot used on different platforms.

Plugin Recommendations

We’ll always recommend the leading Plugins to use on your website to avoid you making rookie mistakes so keep an eye out on our blog and email newsletter to stay up to date about how you can easily boost the functionality on your website with ease. Wanting to install your own Plugins or items Purchased? Then that’s all OK too. With CreoPressto you are not restricted to what you can and cannot install on the platform. This is your website to do as you please. 


CreoPressto has been designed to be fully transparent throughout the entire process. As you can see on the pricing page, what you see here is what’s included, nothing more, nothing less. For those of you looking to run an ecommerce shop on CreoPressto, then jump right in and get started. You will not be charged a percentage of your sales as a hidden fee or similar which many other platforms do. Everything has been designed to give you full control over your own website as your website grows over time. Want to move away from CreoPresssto? We hope you don’t, but we have made this extremely simple should you wish to. 




Robust Technology

The majority of problems that stem from websites built with WordPress comes down to lack of understanding and poor choices for the underlying technology. As we have taken care of all of this for you, you need not worry about choosing bad web hosting, bad WordPress themes or editing core WordPress or theme files. We’ve everything set up for you so you have awesome foundations in place so you can get started building your website as you see fit.

You wouldn’t want your car built with dodgy brakes, no paint job or poor quality tyres would you? The same is true with your website technology. The technology powering your CreoPressto website is industry leading technology that has been brought together under a single managed service so you don’t have to worry about the teckie stuff.


Keep an eye on our blog and resources as we continue to recommend leading plugins you can use to significantly enhance the functionality of your website and make your website visitors happy. It really is as simple as clicking a button, tweaking a few settings and you’re good to go. Nothing technical required at all. Importantly though, should you wish to get a developer or marketing person involved to help you along the way then all of this is possible.

For the developers reading this, you’ll be glad to know that everything has been build in a Child Theme from day 1 with the leading theme in the WordPress space, Divi by Elegant Themes, and everything is kept up to date daily including WordPress Core, Themes and Plugins so you never have to worry about working with outdated technologies.